Feedback and Complaints Statement


Lifestart welcomes feedback and uses complaints, suggestions and compliments as a method of continually improving our service performance, systems and processes to ensure delivery of effective and quality services for people living with a disability, their families and carers.

Lifestart recognises that complaints play an essential role in identifying areas requiring improvement and can be used to inform service planning and development of strategies to address any areas requiring change at both individual and organisational levels.

Lifestart recognises that families / carers, children and young people and other stakeholders who interface with us have the right to make complaints, give feedback, compliments or suggestions to assist Lifestart in the provision of quality services and will be supported by Lifestart to understand this right.

Lifestart recognises that families / carers, children and young people, and other stakeholders who interface with us, have the right to participate in the resolution of complaints and will be supported by Lifestart to understand this right.

Lifestart is committed to a person / family centred, culturally appropriate, accessible and effective complaint handling mechanism being in place to enable a person (including children and young people) to receive a better service.

Lifestart recognises and respects the rights of individuals to raise complaints and provide feedback without fear and with the knowledge that the complaint will be managed confidentially and in a timely way, preferably at the local level. All feedback and complaints will be managed in a manner which:

  1. uses a person centred approach
  2. reflects the best interests of the person, with transparency and professionalism; and,
  3. encourages an outcome which offers positive solutions and

Lifestart aims to ensure that all families receiving support from Lifestart, or may receive support in the future, community partners, supporters and other stakeholders are aware of the feedback and complaints procedures; know how to provide feedback when they would like to do so; and are able to have any concerns, disputes or problems resolved fairly and without negative implications for the quality of the service they receive.

Lifestart recognises that when children are very young, their parents/carers will make complaints and provide feedback on their behalf. Lifestart recognises that as children mature and develop, their capacity to make complaints or provide feedback will increase, but their parents may still make complaints or provide feedback from their own perspective.

Lifestart will protect the privacy and confidentiality of children, young people and their families and carers who make a complaint, but will notify relevant agencies if the complaint concerns the safety or wellbeing of a child or young person.

Feedback and complaints as well as compliments, are accepted verbally, in writing, via the online form on the Lifestart website, by email, fax or any other communication method.