Rights Statement

Lifestart Co-operative Ltd

Each person (including child, young person and adult) living with a disability or delay has the same human and legal rights as all persons and these should be respected at all times.

All children and young people living with disability or delay have the right to be respected for their inherent dignity. Lifestart is committed to pursuing the rights and principles of equality, independence, participation, choice and inclusion which underpin a person centred philosophy.

The Board of Lifestart (the Board) is committed to a person centred thinking philosophy and embedding a human rights approach in all practice within Lifestart. The Board recognises that boards have a critical role to play in creating a human rights culture within their organisations.

Each person living with disability or delay has the right to access information and support to understand and exercise their legal and human rights. Each person has the right to participate in decisions which affect their lives in ways that are appropriate to their age and stage of development. In the case of young children that right is vested in their parent or carer. This right is vested in the Minister in the case of children living in mandated out of home care.

Lifestart supports children and young people with a disability and their families to aspire to a life where they participate inclusively and contribute as members of their community, enjoying the same mix of social, recreation, leisure and learning experiences as other people of the same age and life stage.

Lifestart provides programs and activities which promote and respect the legal and human rights of people living with disability or delay; enable them to exercise choice and participate inclusively in their community and reflect their right to privacy.

Lifestart is committed to the protection of the legal and human rights of all people. Lifestart is committed to upholding each person’s legal and human rights in all aspects of receiving a service or support from Lifestart and will act in accordance with:

  • The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which recognises that people with disabilities have the right to access the same opportunities as all citizens with full and effective inclusion in society.
  • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 2006 which recognises that all children have the same rights and freedoms regardless of race, background, faith or disability.
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) which makes disability discrimination unlawful and aims to promote equal rights, opportunity and access for people with disabilities.


Lifestart is committed to ensuring that each child’s or young person’s best interest is taken into account when receiving support from Lifestart. Each child or young person has the right to be protected from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation and the right to live free from discrimination.

Lifestart recognises that every family or carer has the right to seek the best possible services and supports for their child, and not to be judged for doing so. They are best placed to advocate for their children. Families and carers have substantial expertise in relation to their children’s lives and are central to providing an environment in which their children learn, grow and thrive. This is reflected in Lifestart’s contemporary practice framework.

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