Participation & Inclusion Statement

Lifestart Co-operative Ltd

All children, young people and their families/carers have the right to participate and be included meaningfully and respectfully in their communities of choice.

Participation is important for children and young people because it gives them a say about the issues which affect them; assists them to learn and develop, have fun and develop a closer connection and engagement with their community. Children and young people living with disability can learn and develop skills to maximise their opportunities for meaningful inclusion when they participate in everyday tasks, routines, recreational and social activities which provide them with real life experiences.

Lifestart recognises that each individual is unique and has their own interests and skills. Children and young people living with disability, their families / carers have much to contribute to social, economic and community life but are often faced with barriers to accessing mainstream settings which are important to them. Lifestart recognises that engagement and meaningful inclusion are fundamental to people living with disability being active members in all aspects of relevant community life.

Lifestart is guided by its core values of inclusion, diversity, collaboration, and integrity in all its activities and programs. Lifestart services can support the choices, hopes, strengths and relationships of each unique child, or young person, and their family/carers; and are delivered in a culture of quality, imagination, innovation and authentic partnerships.

Lifestart is committed to providing children, young people and families/carers with the supports and programs which suit them best so that they can live the life they choose through their individual planning. Lifestart is committed to building inclusive communities which embrace the unique diversity and potential of all children and young people.

Lifestart recognises that it has a shared responsibility to support children, young people and their families /carers to participate in their community to have an ordinary and meaningful life like people of a similar age, gender and culture.

Lifestart promotes and supports the benefits to individuals and the community of the right of people living with disability to play an active role as citizens, including through learning, leisure and work. Lifestart partners with other service providers and the broader community to increase options and opportunities for people living with disability.

Lifestart recognises that families and carers have a right to participate in their chosen communities in a way which meets their own interests and needs as articulated in the Principles of the NSW Carers Charter.

Lifestart recognises that a skilled, respectful and engaged workforce is essential to assisting children and young people living with disability to be included and participate in community life in ways which have meaning for them.



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