Become a Member


become a member

Lifestart’s rules allows for membership of the organisation for an annual subscription fee of $5.  

Please note the following details in the constitution regarding membership;


  • While more than one family member can become members of Lifestart, they will be treated by Lifestart as one member for voting purposes at the AGM and Special Meetings
  • Membership to Lifestart will not guarantee access to services provided by Lifestart
  • Membership is non transferrable
  • A member shall not be under any personal liability to a creditor of Lifestart
  • Lifestart will not ask any member to provide a financial guarantee for Lifestart
  • Only members of Lifestart can nominate for a position on the Board of Lifestart

Contact Lifestart to become a member on (02) 9364 0111