Individual Funding Handbook and Intermediary Guide

13 July 2015

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  Release of the Individual Funding Handbook and Intermediary Guide

Family and Community Services (FACS) today announced the publication of the Individual Funding Handbook[1] and its companion, Individual Funding Packages – Guidance for Intermediaries[2].

These new resources are designed to assist people with disability in receipt of individual funding provided by ADHC, their family and carers, and intermediaries who administer the funding on their behalf.

NSW is preparing for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), by actively expanding individual funding arrangements for disability services under the Living Life My Way (LLMW) Framework and Ready Together reforms. Through LLMW, people currently receiving FACS disability funding are able to convert and/or combine their disability supports into an individualised funding arrangement.

The expansion of individualised funding will place people with disability, their families, carers, as well as providers and the NSW disability service system, in the best possible position to transition seamlessly to the NDIS.

In order to provide clarity and create a fairer system for service users, multiple individualised funding program guidelines have been streamlined into a single document: the Individual Funding Handbook. The Handbook gives people guidance to the rules that apply when managing individual funding provided by ADHC, including what it can and cannot be used for. The simplified arrangements in the Handbook will also assist people to prepare for the NDIS. 

To support non government organisations administering individual funding on people’s behalf, a companion publication, the Individual Funding Packages: Guidance for Intermediaries has also been issued. The Guide contains advice and resources to help intermediaries better understand and implement their role.

The Handbook, Guide and new resources are now available from the FACS website[3]. Please ensure a copy of the Handbook and relevant resources are made available to people with disability, their families, carers, as well as your staff.  Previous versions of program guidelines (as listed on page 5 of the Handbook) are now obsolete. Where applicable, updated program information is available on the FACS website.

It is important that the sector supports people with disability, their families and carers to understand how the current system in NSW will gradually transition to the NDIS between 2016 and 2018.

In order to provide clarity to people currently receiving NSW supports, note that the Handbook applies up to the date an individual transitions to the NDIS.




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NDIS Kicks Off



Be part of the crowd as NDIS Kicks Off!

This Wednesday, Every Australian Counts is hosting an information session to celebrate New South Wales moving from trials to the full roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

If you want to be part of the action but can't get to the event in Sydney you can watch and listen to it live from anywhere as we live stream it from the venue.

Be part of this landmark event. Check out our website for the link on the day to watch and learn from our speakers, hear real stories from the trial sites and find out everything you need to know to prepare for the NDIS.

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