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Secret Agent Society Program

5 February @ 3:45 pm 4:30 pm

Looking for a program that teaches social and emotional skills to kids with autism in a fun and engaging way?

Are you raising or caring for a child with Autism aged between 8 and 12 years old? Secret Agent Society is a break-through evidence-backed program created by Australian clinical psychologist, Dr Renae Beaumont, delivered through online sessions. It teaches participants important skills by focusing on four main areas: 

  1. Emotion Recognition (in other people and self)
  2. Emotion Regulation (particularly anxiety and anger)
  3. Diverse Social Skills (including for both friendship and teamwork)
  4. Problem Solving (as an individual and in a group).

This empowers children with the tools and skills to change their everyday lives by making friends and feeling happier, calmer, and braver.  

Keeping kids engaged by having fun as they learn!

The program is based on an espionage theme. Between each session, children participate in weekly espionage tasks and ‘missions’, including online gamified learning, skills practice activities in day-to-day life and completion of a reflection journal. This helps keep participants engaged – especially when they see that using the skills is helping them with everyday situations such as resolving conflicts with friends. 

Do we know the program really works?

Yes! Research on the program and its impacts on participants has been carried out across the world, including in Australia, Ireland, Canada, and the USA. The results of these studies have been so positive, it has revealed results beyond even its original intentions. While the program was first developed for children on the autism spectrum, evidence has clearly shown that it can also provide meaningful change for children with a range of diagnostic and neurodiverse profiles, such as ADHD and anxiety.  

If you’re interested in talking to us about whether the program is right for your child, click below, fill out our simple form, and we’ll be in touch for a free 20-minute consultation to answer questions and enrol your child in the program.