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Feedback and complaints statement

Read a summary of the information on this page in easy read.

We welcome your feedback

Lifestart is committed to achieving positive outcomes for people who use our services.  We welcome your feedback in the form of complaints, compliments and suggestions.

We are committed to responding to complaints in a person and family centred manner, in fair and open ways.

We value your feedback

  • It is important for us to know what is working well and how we can do things better.
  • It helps us to ensure that our supports are effective.
  • It gives us the opportunity to improve our services.

We will treat your feedback with respect by:

  • Listening to you.
  • Telling you what to expect next.
  • Identifying a person within Lifestart as your key contact.
  • Providing reasons for decisions that are made.
  • Protecting your privacy.
  • Ensuring that we welcome your chosen support person or advocate should you choose to have one.
  • Assisting you to access an interpreter or alternative forms of communication to suit your individual preferences.

You can give feedback or make a complaint by:

  • Speaking with a Lifestart staff member in person.
  • Telephoning your local Lifestart staff member or manager.
  • Telephoning our head office on (02) 9364 0111 and asking to speak with a senior manager or the CEO.
  • Emailing Lifestart directly at feedback@lifestart.org.au
  • Using our online feedback form at complaints and feedback
  • Mailing a letter to our CEO at Lifestart, PO Box 3563, Rhodes NSW 2138

 How will Lifestart respond to my feedback?

  • We will ask you what you would like to have happen.
  • If the complaint is simple, it may be resolved locally and immediately with the staff member of your choice.
  • If you do not agree with this or if your complaint is more complex, a senior manager will contact you within 2 working days to discuss your complaint.
  • We may need time to properly investigate your complaint.
  • You will be kept informed at all stages of the decision making process.
  • Once the complaint is resolved as far as possible, you will be informed of the outcome by phone, email or letter. We aim to do this within 20 business days.

What if I’m not happy with the outcome?

If you are unhappy with the outcome or the way your complaint has been managed, you can:

  • Contact the person who was dealing with your complaint for more information.
  • Ask the Lifestart CEO or Board of Directors to review your matter.
  • Seek support from external agencies such as those listed below at any stage of the complaint management process.

Who else can I contact for support?

If you would like further support or if Lifestart is not able to resolve the matter with you, we will give you information about external organisations that may be able to help you. For example:

Where can I find more information?

Lifestart’s Feedback and Complaints Policy and Procedures details our approach to managing complaints. You can ask us for a copy by contacting our Head Office.

General Manager Communications

Lifestart Disability Services Ltd
PO Box 3563, Rhodes NSW 2138

Phone: (02) 9364 0111
Fax: (02) 9807 9600

Email: info@lifestart.org.au