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#SpeakUP Consultation Forums

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Nov 12, 2020

Lifestart is launching a new program for young people called #SpeakUP and we need your help!

• Do you feel like you are missing out on doing things at school?
• Do you have school activities you would like to be involved in e.g. excursions, school plays, sporting teams, clubs or groups?
• Do you feel confident speaking up for your choices at school?
• What do you need help with to join in more activities at school?

• Does your young person miss out on doing activities at school?
• Do you know how to help your young person speak up for themselves?
• What would help you to feel more confident to assist your young person with skills to speak up for inclusion and participation?
• Does your young person have a transition coming up soon?

If yes – we want to hear from you.

We are looking for young people (aged 7-14) with a disability enrolled in a mainstream school to join us in an upcoming online focus group and/or to complete a survey.

Participants will be involved in the co-design of the new #SpeakUP program which will support young people to feel more positive about school, more confident to speak up about their choices and to have greater participation at school. The program is also targeted at parents/carers to increase your understanding of the self-advocacy skills of your young person.

You can share you feedback and ideas by either completing a survey:

Survey for young people

Survey for parents, carers and allies

Or participating in a focus group to share your ideas on how this topic can be explored further. The focus groups will be held on 8 December at 6pm for young people and 7.30pm for parents/carers.

To register for a Consultation Forum go to events on our website.

For more information please contact:
Susan Spruce on 0407 191 220 or
Julia Bye on 0428 996 707  or .