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True Grit: Accessible dance workshop

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Sep 29, 2021

True Grit is an accessible dance workshop held in partnership with the Australian Ballet, the Sydney Opera House, and Lifestart.

“This program is a part of the Sydney Opera House access program legacy which has sought to bring dance to young people with disabilities in an empowering, developmental and self-determined way.

True Grit focuses on supporting young people with learning and physical challenges (17 to 25 years) to become the next generation of creatives and audiences, through choreographic and performative dance activities centred on choreographic craft, the company, creative careers and the world, to build the skills needed to contribute to a bright and creative future. This year’s accessible dance workshop program is designed around the themes of Romeo and Juliet and participants will take part in workshops, performances and see the Education team’s performance.” – Jasmin Dwyer, Program Manager Education and Outreach, The Australian Ballet

How will Lifestart support the program? 

Lifestart will be supporting participants with an online goal setting session and opportunity to develop a resource to share with the Australian Ballet team running the program.  We hope to be prepared and understand the needs of each individual.   


True Grit is a week-long intensive program that will be held online and participants have to sign up for five days. The program is all free and participants can bring a support person. Lifestart will work with participants to ensure they are prepared for the event.

  • dates: 8-12 November
  • time: classes start at 2:30pm
  • venue: online
  • young people aged 17-25 are eligible
  • we would like for you to have a keen interest in movement and dance. Who knows where this program could lead.

Submissions for this program are closed. 

To find out more about the program, contact Susan Spruce at