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LifeSTAFF Talks: Rosemary Cordi

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Feb 6, 2020

Lifestart’s strong commitment to building inclusive communities is reflected through the everyday work of our staff with children and young people with disability. Recently, we spoke to Rosemary Cordi, one of our Start Strong Pathways and Disability and Inclusion Program Managers, about why she wanted to start working at Lifestart. This is what she had to say:

What drove you to apply for a job at Lifestart?

I was attracted by Lifestart’s reputation as a leader in early intervention and by its dedication to research based practices.

How do you align with the values and mission of Lifestart?

I am happy to be working for an organisation that’s committed to building inclusive communities. Our work with children, young people and families is guided by individual goals and is person centred, collaborative and supportive.

Would you recommend working at Lifestart to people?

Working at Lifestart is more of a vocation than a career. I would recommend working at Lifestart to anyone who enjoys working in a positive and creative environment and is committed to making a difference to children and young people living with disabilty.