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LifeSTAFF Talks: Sarina Mahoney

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Sep 30, 2019

Lifestart’s strong commitment to building inclusive communities is reflected through the everyday work of our staff with children and young people with disability. Recently, we spoke to Sarina Mahoney, one of our Northern Sydney Team Managers, about why she wanted to start working at Lifestart. This is what she had to say:

What drove you to apply for a job at Lifestart?

There was so much that attracted me to apply for a position at Lifestart. I have always worked in the disability sector and Lifestart is known for providing quality services to children, young people and their families. I love that Lifestart provides choice in where families can receive support and that staff are well supported to do what they do best.

How do you align with the values and mission of Lifestart?

I truly believe in a person-centred approach and that the individual/family is at the centre of all decision-making. This is integral to Lifestart’s values and is ingrained in the support that all staff provide. It is so refreshing to work alongside a team of people who believe in this value so wholeheartedly. What I have also loved about working at Lifestart is that they take a person-centred approach to supporting staff. This is essential to empowering staff so that we can do our jobs well.

Lifestart’s mission of building inclusive communities is something I also align with and believe that Lifestart staff work hard with families and different community groups to break down barriers. It is so wonderful to see some of the successes staff make in achieving this goal for individuals.

Would you recommend working at Lifestart to other people?

I would absolutely recommend working at Lifestart. I love working with such an energetic and passionate team, who truly believe in the work that we do.

If you’d like to join the Lifestart team, visit our Careers page to view our current vacancies and employment benefits.