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Lifestart provides high quality services

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Sep 16, 2021

As a provider of services in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Lifestart is subject to strict government standards called the NDIS Practice Standards. The standards make sure that:

  • our staff have the right skills and training
  • we prioritise your safety
  • we respect and protect your rights
  • we listen to and act on your feedback
  • we have good governance and management systems.

Our service is audited regularly against these standards to ensure that we always provide high quality services to the children, young people, families and carers we support.

Each year we have successfully met all quality standards with full compliance. This year, we had an exceptional result despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The auditor gave us very positive feedback, particularly about our person / family centred approach to delivering services. This includes our suite of online supports. The auditor also noted that our staff are passionate and engaged with our values, which we strive to uphold in everything we do.

At Lifestart, we pride ourselves on continually improving our services for everyone who comes to us for support. If you have any suggestions for how we can do things better, please take a moment to Give Feedback.


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