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The Say Less Show More resources make healthcare more accessible

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May 26, 2021

The Say Less Show More (SLSM) resources are free visual tools designed to support people of all ages with disabilities during common medical procedures such as examination, blood tests or surgery. This series of simple photo stories clearly illustrate each step of the procedure supporting people to understand and anticipate what will happen.

Say Less Show More tools were developed by the Agency for Clinical Innovation in partnership with Lifestart and the extended Say Less Show More team. Hospital staff played an important role in developing and using these resources to support people with disabilities have more comfortable and positive visits to hospitals.

The photo stories for children include:

  • taking blood or putting in a cannula
  • going to see the doctor
  • going to see the dentist.

The photo stories for adults include:

  • having a blood test
  • having a CT scan
  • going to hospital
  • having an x-ray or ultrasound
  • having an operation.

We recently received this feedback from Lisa, about her son Patrick’s experience with surgery:

“My name is Lisa and our son Patrick had surgery last week in Victoria. We found the ‘Say Less Show More’ resources invaluable for preparing our son for his hospital visit.

Thank you for being so inclusive and making it easier for Patrick and us as carers. Every little bit helps! It was great for Patrick to experience the hospital environment visually before we got there and explain some of the things that would happen. Our day went much smoother than we anticipated because he was so well prepared.”

We’re so grateful for Lisa’s feedback, and that the resources made the appointment smoother for her and Patrick.

The Say Less, Show More photo stories were developed in partnership with the Agency for Clinical Innovation.

Access the photo stories here.