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The votes are in

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Dec 13, 2021

To celebrate International Day of People with a Disability on 3 December, Lifestart staff shared their favourite advocates and resources that promote inclusion.

The results are in. Here is the full list of categories and winners:


  1. Forget Me Not
    Parents Olivier and Hilda document their unrelenting fight for their son Emilio to have an inclusive education.
  2. The Black Balloon
    A coming-of-age story about brothers Thomas and Charlie, who has autism, as they try to fit in in a new town.
  3. Wonder
    A boy with Treacher-Collins Syndrome leaves home school and begins inclusive education for the first time.


  1. Special Books by Special Kids
    Interviews with neurodiverse kids that normalise the diversity of the human condition.
  2. School of the Road
    Parents Travis and Fiona share their experience of raising a son with disability and educate others about inclusion.
  3. Sam Bloom
    World Para Surfing Champion, bestselling author, keynote speaker and inspiration behind the film Penguin Bloom, Sam shares the highs and lows of her life with her followers.


  1. ListenABLE
    Dylan Alcott and Angus McLoughlin speak to people with disabilities and ask them the questions you thought were off-limits.
  2. Too Peas in a Podcast
    Mandy and Kate chat to each other and friends about parenting multiples with disabilities and additional needs.
  3. Yarning With Our Mob
    Maria Watson-Trudgett of the Wiradjuri people yarns with parents, carers and service providers who share their stories and challenges about autism in Indigenous communities.


  1. Dan Graham
    Theatre director and disability advocate Dan Graham works to create accessible places and opportunities for disabled artists, with a focus on neurodiversity.
    “I don’t live by labels. A person has many dimensions. One of these may be disability. It is only one component of that person. One of my main aims is to change society’s, often ill-informed, perceptions.” – Dan Graham
  2. Dr Dinesh Palipana OAM
    Dr Palipana is an Australian doctor, lawyer, scientist and disability advocate.
    “In 2021, there is no reason in the human world to have inequity. We have the laws, technologies, and agreement on fundamental human principles to enable anyone in the pursuit of happiness. What we need is the daily grassroots action driven by the fundamental belief in equity for people with disability.” – Dr Dinesh Palipana OAM
  3. Richard Habelrih
    Richard Habelrih is a business owner in his twenties who has autism. During lockdown in Sydney, he launched his own chocolate-making business, Freckly Faces, forging a path for himself with the support of his family.


  1. Growing Up Disabled in Australia
    An anthology of writing by disabled Australians, edited by Carly Findlay.
  2. I Am Not a Label
    Cerrie Burnell tells the stories of 34 disabled artists, thinkers, athletes and activists.
  3. El Deafo
    In this semi-autobiographical graphic novel, Cece Bell recounts her childhood and life with deafness.

 We hope some of these remarkable resources make it onto your summer reading/listening lists. Let us know your favourites on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.


Image credit: Cameron Bloom