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Online Supports help Christos to achieve his goals

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Jun 3, 2019

Online Supports offered Christos the flexibility he needed to continue receiving supports to achieve his NDIS goals.

Lifestart supported Christos and his family for several years before changes to services in the family’s area meant travelling to their home could not continue and Christos’s high school schedule limited his availability.

“Christos’s Mum did not want to change providers. She wanted to continue with me and Lifestart as I knew Christos, where we were up to and they had invested lots of energy in building a relationship with me,” Kate, Christos’s psychologist at Lifestart, commented.

When the opportunity arose to continue to work with Kate using Online Supports, Christos and his family were relieved but were unsure of how accessing support via videoconferencing would work for them.

“Christos’s family were initially nervous about trying Online Supports, but the strong relationship with Lifestart allowed them to try it out and trust that we could continue to support Christos.”

Now Christos and Kate connect using video conferencing on a regular basis and at a time that is convenient for Christos and his family. The family also save both time and money by accessing the same support online without the need to travel.

Kate has been supporting Christos and his family to consider the goals he would like to focus on as part of his next NDIS plan. Currently, Christos is interested in working with a personal trainer to focus on his fitness and wellbeing. Kate is ready to provide Online Supports to others who might be supporting Christos to achieve his goals.

Christos and his family would recommend other families try Online Supports as it has been a positive experience so far.

Lifestart offers a range of Online Supports. Our specialist staff include speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, behaviour specialists, social workers, psychologists and educators.

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