Key Worker Model

A Key Worker for your family


Your key worker is the person you will see and talk to the most.  A key worker is an early childhood intervention professional and may be a speech pathologist, special educator, occupational therapist, social worker, physiotherapist or psychologist.


What will be key worker do?

Your key worker will:

  • Support you to develop the skills your child needs to participate in everyday life.
  • Help other people in your child's life to do the same. Examples include: a preschool or school teacher, a grandparent or a member of a community group (dancing, scouts, football, swimming and so on).
  • Support your family to make choices, have access to the information you need, set priorities and know what rights you have.
  • Communicate with other professionals and people providing support to your child and family if you would like.


Your key worker will get to know your child and family and support you by:

  • Visiting you and your child in the places where you would like support. This could be home, preschool, the park, school, shopping and in the community.
  • Working together with you to see ways of helping your child to learn in everyday life.


Learn more about how a Lifestart key worker will work with your family.


Key Worker Fact Sheet